Contact Dr. Dan Elash, PhD and leader of Syntient to learn how his expertise can help improve your organization's bottom line.

Dr. Dan’s experience includes forty years of a behavioral science background as well as thirty-five years of consulting to a wide variety of businesses- from Fortune 100 companies to main street family businesses .

As a leader, developer of talent, visionary and strategic thinker, Dr. Dan is an expert in directing the work of professionals in a rigorous, collaborative, manner, while encouraging them to experience the fun of delivering the value sought by their constituents and hoped for by their staffs.  This includes helping organizations build and then leverage their financial, human, and intellectual capital.

His deep understanding of human and organizational behavior, combined with a lengthy career in a wide variety of challenging settings, has prepared him to help people to envision the futures they wish to realize, execute the strategies required to innovate, and create the outcomes that they seek be whether on a personal, team or organizational level.

His experience as a life and business coach translate that knowledge into street smart business practices.

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