Leadership Development

The effectiveness of any business depends upon the quality of its leadership

Executive Coaching

Is this your leadership style?

Leadership is “causing others to want to follow”. If no one is following, you are not leading.

Building Collaborative Coaching

Learn to lead through teaching and team building

Developing Leaders and Leadership Teams

The effectiveness of any business depends upon the quality of its leadership. Our objective is to turn the leadership team into a think tank for the business. We work to reduce functional competition between department heads and substitute the collaborative efforts you would expect from people who are acting as your business partners.  A leader serves as a “think tank” for your organization.

  • Building collaborative cultures
  • Executive Coaching
  • Growing talent through development planning
  • Succession planning
  • Workshops and seminars

Succession Planning and Exit Strategies for Your Business

Syntient has a program for helping business owners make the transition to the next phase of their lives.  Eventually, many business owners feel the need to exit their business.  There are many reasons.  Declining health, age, or just the urge for a new challenge are the common issues.  The question becomes how to exit in a way that ensures your revenue stream, or how to continue your ensure your legacy.  Without a solid plan in place to lead you to that point, many owners fail to optimize the returns they can realize from their work.

The sooner your planning and preparation begin the better equipped you will be to make that transition. The best time to plant a tree is 25 years ago.  The next best time is today.  Does today start that 25-year clock ticking?

  • Developing leadership for the company as it evolves and grows in complexity
  • Establishing leadership competencies necessary for command and control
  • Building “Brand Equity” distinct from the personal efforts of the owner
  • Coaching and mentoring as talent development strategies

As a result we work with owners at any stage of their business development.  It takes planning and preparation to get to the place where your needs and desires are addressed.  We can bring a team of advisors to serve you.  We can provide insurance expertise, financial planning as well as organizational development consultation.  Or, we can work with your trusted advisors to ensure the best results.

Check out our approach and make the decision to prepare, sooner rather than later.

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